New Pearl and the Beard EP Releases a 365 Project Re-recording!

Here it is… the cathartic release of one of my favorite 365 songs.

Remember Day 10?

Ugly Purple Sweater live at the Black Cat in DC, 1/31/12
EHP Feb. 2012: taken by the one and only Shervin Lainez

The incredibly talented Sam McCormally of Ugly Purple Sweater and I toured together during early 2010. During that time, he and I sat for a few hours and wrote and recorded “A Thousand Thousands” in a few hours for the 365 Project.  It sat here, on this site, for nearly two years, waiting to be re-imagined.

Well, we did it.  It has been imagined.  Again.  Recorded by Ivan Basauri at Inner Ear Studios, Arlington, VA and mixed by James Frazee in New York City, we offer it to you proudly and whole-heartedly.

You can listen to it and own it yourself along with 3 other songs – 2 of those three being penned by non other than Pearl and the Beard‘s Jocelyn Mackenzie and Jeremy Styles, each having their own song debut on this EP single release.

Buy the fancy-schmancy, digital download only, version of

“A Thousand Thousands” here:

The Family Records Store

Much love to you.  Thank you for reading, listen, and just being you…