Update from the 365 Sabbatical!

Good evening, my dear friend, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

The evening I got back from tour. Love-of-my-life Jonathan makes me tea, and I try on my new specs (a gift from Kevin in Holy Ghost Tent Revival...Oh, HGTR...sigh...)

Well, it’s been weeks and weeks, and I have a few things to tell you before I get back to work on the film score tonight:

1. Pearl and the Beard just got back on Sunday afternoon from an amazing tour to the mid-west.  We are planning our biggest tour yet for 2011 at the end of February to the beginning of April, stopping at the True/False Film Festival in Missouri and South By Southwest in Austin, TX… which leads me to number 2…

2. We are currently in the pre-productions stages of recording our new LP to be released in February before our big tour.  Franz Nicolay and Dan Brennen of Uncle Monsterface will be spear-heading the project.  We could not be more grateful or happy they will be joining us to make this project a reality for us.  (And a bit of a secret which I will reveal to you: maybe, just maybe, a 365 song has made it onto the new Pearl and the Beard LP.  I’m not promising anything, but it’s looking good…)

3. And last, but certainly not least:

The Movie Score

Well, here it is.  Wonderful producer, engineer and friend James Frazee is assisting me on this film score: helping me place and work around the depths of a Protools rig.  When the production team for the movie sent us the trailer and requested music for it in a very short time frame, where else could I turn for awesome music to fit into the trailer but Jeremy James Styles of Pearl and the Beard (“I Heart NY” from The Black Vessel EP) and DC lovelies (and dearest friends) Ugly Purple Sweater (“Jumbo Slice” from You Are Alone But You Are Not Alone). We optioned these songs to the team who came back to us with ecstatic approval.  We fit it quickly to the trailer, molded cuts and cues carefully, and it was finished in a few hours.  For my first official trailer ever, it’s not that bad, if I do say so myself!

So, for your viewing pleasure, I introduce to the trailer for Unicorn City:

It’s an exciting project for me and has proven very challenging in ways I had not expected, but I’m having a great time finding the right direction for each scene, character and camera angle.  Being on tour for two weeks and having a due date for the music approach very soon meant that I composed whenever I could while we were traveling.  It wasn’t easy at all, and I much prefer working from the confines of my little New York apartment.  Regardless of a tough schedule, this project is a true pleasure, and I’m honored to have been asked to do it.

As far as the 365 goes, doing this score feels a lot like the 365 has been (fate!), so I’m not really on sabbatical.  In any case, I’m so excited to get back to the 365 after this is all written and locked in to see it through to the finish: 365 songs in (a now theoretical) 365 days (and I’m totally okay with that…)

I’ll be dropping by to update you very soon once again!

Happy Holidays!