Visiting The 365 Project

We welcome you.

You have entered into an archive of an (almost) year-long project of song writing, learning and creating.  Trying to visit a blog of so many songs can be overwhelming, so here is a small selection of just a few of my most favorite, the most requested, or most visited songs.  It will give you an idea of the kind of things that went on here and will give you an opportunity to experience days gone by that might be lost in the recesses of the year.


Apple with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (uke and voice – original duet version)

Ghosts In My Teeth with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (guitar, cello and voice)

The Black Hole of Calcutta (cello and voice – original solo version)

Headache for a Heartache (Uke and voice)

A Thousand Thousands with Sam McCormally (Guitar, Cello and voice – original version)

My Only Love with Abbie Gardner (cello and vocal duet)

I Only Have Eyes For You (Cover #1) (Cello and voice)

Four Men In The Jug (Solo Cello/Story)

Z for Zacharia with Franz Nicolay (Cello, Banjo, Mandolin, Baritone Uke and voice)

Love Song (Claps and Choir)

Awake Like You- Improvisation No. 2 (Uke, Cello, Voice, Music Box, Instrumental)

Taking a Light Where There is None (Cello: Instrumental Sound Piece)

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