Happy Christmas Eve: Virtual gifts galore, just for you!

Happy Holidays!

I have FOUR very special things for you via the wonderful NY music blog The Wild Honey Pie “Honey, I’m Home Sessions” (‘Honey I’m Home’ is a live session series produced by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, they welcome a different band into Sounds Like A Fire home studio in Brooklyn and record intimate versions of two or three songs which are given away for free.)

1. A song/video/free mp3 download about getting knocked for Christmas thanks to the ever beautiful wordsmith: Jocelyn Mackenzie

Something special for your holiday season from Pearl and the Beard recorded with the help of the ever attractive and always lovely Wild Honey Pie here in New York City.  We got back from tour a few weeks ago and the day after returning home we filmed these two very special renditions just for the holidays.  Jocelyn wrote a very extra special number for the holidays called “Baby For Christmas” and her lovely beau, Jim Altieri, made a cameo appearance at the keyboard.

2. A fancy video and free mp3 download of a 365 Project favorite.

Jocelyn and I filmed a duet version of the 365’s “Headache for a Heartache” for this very special holiday occasion. Enjoy!

3. An introduction to an amazing band via a beautiful live video from The Wild Honey Pie:

I knew I liked Lucius, an amazing (and quite attractive) band based out of Brooklyn, but I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with them after touring part of New England and Montreal with them for 10 days.  It was an adventure not to be forgotten, so I’m happy to show you two of my favorite songs of theirs, not to mention a free download of a song they performed acoustically on tour which I fell in love with.  I offer you: Lucius via The Wild Honey Pie “Honey, I’m home” sessions.  Get the free mp3 download of this performance here:

4. “Two Of Us On The Run”: via bff NY music blog: The Wild Honey Pie.  Download the mp3 for free here.


Have a happy and beautiful holiday…