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Lots of thoughts about a lot of things all around at the moment, but I’ll post this today with more to come…

Hope you’re well!


The Thick, Round Swan Maiden Pancake

The Thick, Round, Swan Maiden Pancake

Skirts and Pants - Emily Hope Price

Skirts and Pants – Emily Hope Price

I have been doing such weird things the past year, and I’ve recently discovered some (probably obvious) things. I have wanted to post for a long time. I have put it off for various insecurities and procrastinies.

Without further ado:

1. The Sprints. I get The Sprints. I start things with a full magnum force or get obsessed with something and then just stop mysteriously. The Sprints! Maybe you get The Sprints, too. I’d wager my dad is like this. I know many people who are Marathoners – they find something and stick with it until the bitter end. I get The Sprints.

Examples of recent Sprints:

a. Drawing on my iPad mini (see above). I never thought I could draw. And to save money I made my own crappy stylus out of an empty pen, tin foil, and a Q-tip. Technology!

b. French. I took French in high school and college. I really like it, but I’m lazy. So I am doing a sprint. It’s fun to remember what I use to know.

c. Exercise. These Sprints are ongoing until I die.

d. Letters on my typewriter.

e. Books. Any book. I read the introduction and the first chapter with intense focus. Occasionally reading it multiple times. A few books which have fallen prey to a Sprint:

The Brothers Karamazov (fascinating introduction)

Zealot by Resa Aslan (great intro and first chapter!)

Deadeye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut (fascinating first 4 chapters!)

f. Various musical discoveries including musicians, songs, and instruments.


2. I am an Introvert (gasp).


3. Life. It’s good and awesome.

Perhaps this sounds a bit cliché. But recent personal events have warranted such a learning experience.

A friend I loved very much passed away in August. Her husband is a friend I love very much, too. I think about both of them every single day.

Show love. Tell people you love them today – don’t wait until tomorrow or next week or the next time you run into them. Today.

Being alive is good and awesome.

Bodies are good and awesome.

People, friends, and family can be so good and awesome.

Movies and music are so good and awesome.

Even the hard things are so good and awesome.


Well, those are some things I have learned in the past month.

With that, I present today a reading of some fairy tales I recorded for some friends for fun during a section of The Sprints. These are a study on me playing two different characters reading stories. One has a really bad british accent and the other a random american accent (who happens to not be very good at reading stories). Both of which were GOOD AND AWESOME to do (even though my british friend Sophie, who has a real british accent, says this is pretty bad…but I think she kind of likes it anyway).

The Thick, Round Pancake from “Fairy Tales: retold by Bridget Hadaway” 1974 Octopus Books Ltd.

The Swan Maiden from “Fairy Tales: retold by Bridget Hadaway” 1974 Octopus Books Ltd.



I like you.

Have a great day today.

Unicorn City Soundtrack Release Today


That’s correct! You read right!

The Unicorn City Soundtrack is up on Bandcamp,  iTunes, Amazonand all over the internet as of TODAY!

Huge thanks go out to the director and producer of the film Bryan Lefler and Adrian Lefler, my partner in crime James Frazee and his band from way-back-when: Stinkbomb, and all the bands and musicians I worked with to make this possible: Thank you Sam McCormally, Libbie Linton, Anna Vogelzang, Señors of Marseille, Plume Giant, Pearl and the Beard, Jocelyn Mackenzie, and many more…

This soundtrack wouldn’t be released today if it weren’t for the thousands of people who have demanded it through social media and email – thank you for speaking up and supporting us!  Thank you, thank you!

Track Listing:

1. “Temptress” by Sam McCormally, Emily Hope Price, and James Frazee
2. “Melee In A Former Life” by Emily Hope Price
3. “Glenn” by Stink Bomb
4. “Born In The Wrong Universe” by Emily Hope Price
5. “Heart ‘n’ Soul” by Senors of Marseille
6. “Voss’ Breakfast-Chicken Epiphany” by Emily Hope Price
7. “Dressing Up for Death” by Libbie Linton
8. “I Heard My Throat Crunch” by Emily Hope Price
9. “The Canonization of Ida Elliot” by Anna Vogelzang and Emily Hope Price
10. “I Challenge You To A Duel” by Emily Hope Price and James Frazee
11. “Jumbo Slice” by Ugly Purple Sweater
12. “Just a Game” by Emily Hope Price
13. “Fool Hall” by Plume Giant
14. “Take Her To Safety, Stop For No One” by Emily Hope Price
15. “Let’s Roll” by Dream Team Laser  Beam (Jim Altieri, Jocelyn Mackenzie, and feat. James Frazee)
And for those of you just aching for it… since I’ve gotten so many emails about it… here are the lyrics to “Temptress”:

TEMPTRESS (lyrics by Emily Hope Price & Sam McCormally)

You are my fever
A heat beneath my bones
I won’t escape it, my skin’s as thin as those
Who’ve come before, all lost, but suffer for the greater good

You are my temptress
why can’t you see I’m busy? I am working!
stop bothering me
and take a key in case you need to come back

and I can smell what you’re cooking and I can’t look away
I’m nearly torn from my moorings by the rattle and sway
And I’m walking through fevers that you’d love me to keep
But just because I can hear you doesn’t mean I can’t sleep

And you want to believe that you can tempt me, no no no

You are my slumber
You’re luring me to sleep
But, I’m not tired! I’m wide awake I’m fine
I’ll hold the line, got something in my eye
There ain’t no way I’m sleepin’.

You are my cayman
You’ll care more when I’m gone
Teeth like a sharp noise
Bite down, I’ll be in two
But more to half, to hold
Now baby, isn’t that worth something?

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I have named it, I can identify
But, oh, hard to break it as you are to deny
And you’re walking through fever’s that I’d love you to keep
I will, but remind you that this burning runs deep

And I want to believe that you can tempt me,
And I want to believe that you can tempt me,
And I want to believe that you can tempt me, no, no no

LET’S ROLL! (lyrics by Jocelyn Mackenzie)

Welcome to Unicorn City. This is your world…

I was cruising down the astral plane,
Heard a freaky wizard calling my name.
He was decanting a spell that’d send me straight to hell
But I don’t front, cause this is Dawn of Days.

I get my hands on some coveted brain juice,
Bring it down to the party where we break loose!
It’d take a Succubus or a Beelzebub
To beat this potion cause it’s 80 proof.

Let’s roll to the party like we rolling polyhedral dice.
Let’s roll our D11′s not once, not twenty times, but thrice.
Let’s roll with the punches from our mortal enemies and foes.
Let’s roll, creatures, let’s roll!

I meet the beastliest of Beast Lords,
He shooting laser beams like oh my God.
So I retaliate with my psyonic death stare,
But I ricochet to the floor.

So I entice that dude with some turtlebuds
And the shining glitter tassels of my luscious duds.
He falls into my trance where we begin to dance
Now we rocking this mortal’s club!

Let’s roll to the party like we rolling polyhedral dice.
Let’s roll our D100′s not once, not twenty times, but thrice.
Let’s roll with the punches from our mortal enemies and foes.
Let’s roll, creatures, let’s roll!

We gotta roll down to the area where all the cool kids go.
We gotta get there, we gotta get there real fast cause we’re rolling, we’re rolling the dice…
Polyhedral dice, baby.

Happy Christmas Eve: Virtual gifts galore, just for you!

Happy Holidays!

I have FOUR very special things for you via the wonderful NY music blog The Wild Honey Pie “Honey, I’m Home Sessions” (‘Honey I’m Home’ is a live session series produced by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, they welcome a different band into Sounds Like A Fire home studio in Brooklyn and record intimate versions of two or three songs which are given away for free.)

1. A song/video/free mp3 download about getting knocked for Christmas thanks to the ever beautiful wordsmith: Jocelyn Mackenzie

Something special for your holiday season from Pearl and the Beard recorded with the help of the ever attractive and always lovely Wild Honey Pie here in New York City.  We got back from tour a few weeks ago and the day after returning home we filmed these two very special renditions just for the holidays.  Jocelyn wrote a very extra special number for the holidays called “Baby For Christmas” and her lovely beau, Jim Altieri, made a cameo appearance at the keyboard.

2. A fancy video and free mp3 download of a 365 Project favorite.

Jocelyn and I filmed a duet version of the 365′s “Headache for a Heartache” for this very special holiday occasion. Enjoy!

3. An introduction to an amazing band via a beautiful live video from The Wild Honey Pie:

I knew I liked Lucius, an amazing (and quite attractive) band based out of Brooklyn, but I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with them after touring part of New England and Montreal with them for 10 days.  It was an adventure not to be forgotten, so I’m happy to show you two of my favorite songs of theirs, not to mention a free download of a song they performed acoustically on tour which I fell in love with.  I offer you: Lucius via The Wild Honey Pie “Honey, I’m home” sessions.  Get the free mp3 download of this performance here:

4. “Two Of Us On The Run”: via bff NY music blog: The Wild Honey Pie.  Download the mp3 for free here.


Have a happy and beautiful holiday…


235. Dans Leur Absence (in absentia)





A Flat

f minor



Dans Leur Absence (in absentia)

(Headphones recommended)

50 Seconds from improvisation
affected bells

234. Walk With Me #1 (Sam McCormally, composer)


Sam McCormally (Ugly Purple Sweater @ Bloombars, DC – April 2011 – Kristian Whipple)

There is a musician you need to have in your regular musical vernacular.  His name is Sam McCormally.  He is the voice of Ugly Purple Sweater (who have recently released a beautiful new album).  Sam and I have collaborated on the 365 many times, released a song on a Pearl and the Beard EP, and continue to admire and support each other’s work in the real world.

As the 365 is a journal of sorts of my musical life, I would be amiss if I did not include two beautiful pieces written by Sam McCormally (playing guitar and piano) on which he asked me to play cello.  He is not only a talented songwriter but scores for film as well.  These two compositions I’m posting for you were written for a film he was working on, but, like most film scoring, a piece is bound to not make it into the final score.  In this case, one of my favorites that didn’t actually make it into the film was recorded in a stranger’s house earlier this year.  I am going to post the first of his two compositions today, as he just sent me the final mixes yesterday afternoon.  I hadn’t heard them in months.

He and I played this live together, but the quality of the piano Sam recorded on didn’t quite capture the piece as he had envisioned.  However, it still stands as a great testament to Sam’s fine musical ear and talent for tone color.

At the time of this recording, I had been doing so much songwriting and improvising that coming together with another musician to play off of a score was so refreshing.  Every kind of activity uses different parts of the brain and body – this was muscle memory I had been neglecting.  I miss collaborating musically over a score in this way (like a classical trio or quartet might do) and working with Sam in this way was especially rewarding.

Walk With Me #1 (Piano & Cello)

Written by Sam McCormally

Sam McCormally, piano

Emily Hope Price, cello

233. Joshua Stacy, I made this for you. Love, E (A Study on a Chopin Mazurka)


Joshua Stacy, I stole this photo from your Facebook.

Dear Joshua Stacy,
You just hiked the Appalachian Trail. It took you months and months and months. You have showered by now, I think.
Thank you for calling me sometimes from the trail and telling me how things were going. Thank you for meeting us for lunch where the trail went right through a zoo in New York. Thank you for answering all my questions about what it’s like to do something so huge.
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for being my friend.

This began by recording the left hand piano part of Chopin’s Cinq Mazurkas, Vivace Op. 7, No. 1. I made a slight change in the chord progression. There wasn’t a plan. Sometimes the best laid plans aren’t laid.

There are 4 cello tracks: pizzicato (plucking) with delay, bass pedal, 2 different, but related, melody lines.

Through the whole process I thought about my friend Joshua Stacy, also a cellist, who just hiked the Appalachian Trail by himself. It is a feat, and he is always a friend of whom I think so fondly. When I think of him, I feel motivated to be better, wiser, and more decisive. I don’t talk to him very much, but when I do, I’m reminded of how a single person has the power to make another person feel..for the lack of a better word…Good. Good in the most pure sense that there is. So, I felt it appropriate to dedicate this one to him because he was on my mind. This is not the first 365 that has been dedicated to him. This one was, too.

Joshua Stacy, I stole this one of you, too. This is Springer Mountain – the southern terminus of the trail.

Joshua Stacy, I made this for you. Love, E