Nothing like posting at the eleventh hour – literally.

I started a piece today and liked it initially, but when it came down to finishing it, it just wasn’t doing it for me, and it was getting later.  When it gets late in the day, and I still haven’t settled on something, I usually opt for some kind of quick fix like an improvisation.  Funny enough the improvisations so often turn into actual compositions and take just as long as the original attempt.  I get drawn in and want to get consumed by it; make it awesome.  This one is somewhere in the middle of those two methods.

After scraping my first try today, I began day 230 as you are hearing it.  It is 4 cello tracks and one track of a recorded record.  I did the cello tracks one at a time, the first one being improvised harmonics recorded once, the second being an improvised drone recorded twice while taking the second take and so on.  The more tracks I add to an improvisation, the more attempts it takes me to get it where I want it.  I always do whole takes and keep the best one – I rarely punch in (fix) an improvisation – only in dire straights do I band-aid something like that.  The fourth, and last, cello track is the rhythmic bass line you can hear.  I kept the fourth and final improvisation take of that one because, as a whole, it was more of what I wanted.

The Record

I found this record in a thrift store.  It is called “Great Ghost Stories”.  I’ve used pieces of it before in the 365, but I can’t remember where at the moment.  (Those of you who know me know that I love vinyl – I love how it’s both crisp and warm all at the same time.  The first few seconds of a record spinning before the recorded material begins is my favorite sound in the entire world.  It is hushes people by bringing the entire room into anticipation.  It’s great.)  I chose a random story and began recording the beginning, stopping and starting the recording in real time.  Whatever I got is what I got.  I allowed myself to take away or move bits around, but I could not add to the track later.  I had to use what got captured in the first go-around.

Mixing: There is a magical land somewhere, I’m sure of it, where little elves make everything sound amazing.  It is a place where I never have to mix again for the rest of my life.  I am so bad at it.  But because mixing like a boss isn’t a part of the 365, I can apologize for the horrendous job I did of this and easily move on.

Until tomorrow! And hopefully I will get it in early this time rather than by the skin of my teeth. Ew. Gross. Who has skin on their teeth?

Sleeping Peacefully Without Blankets

(Cello/Record Improvisation)