Pearl and the Beard: The UK Tour!

Pearl and the Beard is going to the UK!  We couldn’t be more excited.

In honor of our first trip across the pond, we teamed up with Britain’s very own ukulele songstress Sophie Madeleine to record a cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework”.  We did a video and everything – and we drank “real” British tea with Oreos and Pringles.  Best. Combo. Ever.

And here are our tour dates… so if you’ve got somebody over there who can come, we’d love to see them!

11.03 Barfly w/Jukebox the Ghost (London, UK) [TIX]

11.04 St Pancras Old Church (London, UK) [TIX]

11.05 The Castle (Manchester, UK) [TIX]

11.07 The Lexington w/Amy LaVere (London, UK) [TIX]

2 thoughts on “Pearl and the Beard: The UK Tour!

  1. wow. Amazing! I can’t believe I’m just stumbling upon this now. I’ve been a fan since I heard you play “Charlie” on KRCL here in Utah.

    • Caleb! Stumble! Stumble away! I love KRCL. What a great time… I’m so glad you found me here (despite how I never post due to my crazy touring schedule… boom!) Hope you’re well!



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