227. Tiny (Improvisation – VIDEO)


Tiny - Emily Hope Price, image - Harvey Robinson

Technology. Technology is allowing me to type this on my stupid cell phone in the middle of a show! AMAZING!

Today’s song is so special, it’s crazy. Tonight, we are in Asheville, NC. We drove here after a two-day stint in Greensboro helping out our friend Harvey Robinson. I mentioned him and his production company, Monkeywhale, in an earlier post. Well, last night during our Greensboro show, I busted my C string, the cello’s thickest string, right in the middle if the set. Today, as I was putting on a new string, Harvey came up and said, “Have you done your song of the day yet?” “No”, I said. “I want to film the song today!” “I haven’t started it yet,” I replied. “Just improvise it…”

Well, I did. And he filmed me doing it. Harvey has been awake for nearly 3 days now with only a few naps because of the 48 Hour Film Project – and he is still in a great mood! Thank you, Harvey for capturing a 365 song in such a beautiful way.

You’re the best, Harvey and Carolyn!

Tiny (Improvisation)

3 thoughts on “227. Tiny (Improvisation – VIDEO)

  1. Emily, thanks for the inspiration and for the awesome creative energy you’re putting out there. Just found your site completely by chance tonight and figured I’d mention how much I totally appreciate you! Thanks again!


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