SONG 223

This morning was hot.  Hot mornings are a warning sign of stranger things to come in my life…and I decided to paint the rest of my bathroom in non-paint clothes, and guess what?  They are now the color of my bathroom.

I have moved.  My new neighborhood is Loud-Quiet: the kind of quiet that is usually loud, but sometimes it’s quieter than it is loud; hence, Loud-Quiet.  Yesterday was no exception to this general rule, however, among the rap that often blares from open home doors or cars, I heard a sample of Amelie soundtrack (one of my favorites) mixed among yet another rap song.  My curiosity was piqued.  I ran out the door and across the street to the group of guys (and one girl) sitting in their front porch.  “Hello,” I said.  They looked surprised.   I wondered if they thought I was going to ask them to turn their music off or something.  “My name is Emily.  Do you know who this is?”  They were friendly and informative: Kid Cuti was their answer.

“We saw you moving in.  Where did you come from?”

“I moved here from Washington Heights.”

“You moved here from Washington Heights?”, they sounded surprised.  (Wow… how do I answer that?!)

“Yes. I like it here.”

“Well, you’re welcome over any time.”

And now I have some new friends.  Thanks, Kid Cuti.

(Of Note: A lady from the 4th floor of her building was just arguing with a guy on the sidewalk and threw a couple of bottles at his car right before he shouted some threats at her and drove off… home sweet home.)

Started it in the wee hours of the morning today (during the quiet part of the day).  This is in its first phase: I thought I could clean it up, move stuff around, add some more stuff, make it longer, add some vocals…but I may not end up finishing it as I’m ho-hum about it generally.  I had all my recording equipment boxed away, so I used my ear buds to record the voice and bells.  Ear buds.  Never a solid way of capturing sound.  I slowed everything down once it was recorded.  Garageband samples filled up the rest of it.

Also, The 80s. You may not know that I love the 80s.

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