So, my 365 project turned into more of a song project.  I keep telling people, “I’m going to finish it! I will!”  Well, the words slipped out of my mouth and into the air, and after a while I didn’t believe it anymore.  Months and months would pass, and I always find an excuse.

No more. I’m sitting here at this computer dreading even logging into my wordpress account, feeling my own damning inner disappointment.  I talked to Brian Speaker, the friend who inspired the 365 Project through his own (totally completed) 365 Project called Spiral Notebook.  His advice? “The 365 Project is what you want it to be.  If you’re done at day 200, you’re done.  You set the rules, and no one can say any different.”

I started the 365 with an All-Or-Nothing mentality.  I did just fine, with only a few missed days, until 214.  I remind myself that that number is huge, and I’m not a disappointment even though I didn’t finish by January 4.  I remember when that day came and went.  I was rushing to finish the movie score I had picked up months earlier, and now, I have 214 songs and an entire soundtrack behind me.  Not so bad, and now I’m telling myself: finish.  I miss the 365.  And really, even though I’m not sure exactly how many are listening out there – I miss you.

Between Two Trees – Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Cover

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper has been heard at least twice here at the 365.  Her voice is unmistakable and unforgettable.  I recently saw her open for Beruit  in a magical-only-Aly-Spaltro-could-command-that-big-of-an-audience-all-by-herself kind of performance.  She played this song that night, and I recalled when I first heard it.  Pearl and the Beard was in Maine doing a show in Portland on a mini-tour.  The evening consisted of Dylan Metrano from Tiger Saw and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper.

I am posting a video of my cover of this song as shot by incredible photographer Josh Maready in a subway tunnel in New York City.  It was almost 2 am by the time we finished.  Trains were about 5-10 minutes apart and the song is somewhere in between there in length, so we had a hard time finding a quiet spell.  This take was the only one not interrupted by an arriving subway train, until, serendipitously, one arrived right at the end of it like a period on a sentence, taking the sound away and out.  I suspect Rick Gribenas might be a little pleased, wherever he is.  It worked great, but it was the only take where I forgot lyrics…sacrifice for the greater good I suppose.

Watch Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s video of her song shot by the always amazing photographer Shervin Lainez.