Good morning: this is Tuesday’s song… TUESDAY! (Even though it’s Thursday)

Badass Rhubarb

Yet another reject from the pile from Unicorn City. This was a hard scene.  It kind of goes like this: A cast of characters who dress up as other characters (see: LARPING) are in the woods. Everyone has shown up except one.  This is the entrance of one of the most elaborate and impressive character costumes.  He’s badass, tough, and has some serious machismo.  A bunch of ideas were submitted for this scene.  What we ended up using was a totally sweet composition from a good friend and composer G. Scott Newbold.  The movie people loved it, it kicks ass, and totally rocks the scene.

(I’m showing you my skivvies here, friends…)  This was a demo of a totally different direction we went in at one point.  After a few submissions were first approved and then pulled out, we tried a more punk/celtic direction.  The intention was a kind of Dropkick Murphy’s vibe: badass but more punk, less rock.  (True artistic confessions: We “borrowed” the opening of their song I’m Shipping Up To Boston as a jumping off point, but, in its entirety, the piece was a little less than successful.)  Jeff Young, a violinist and roommate of mine, and I recorded this after trying a bunch of other ideas.  He came up with the main melody.  This was a demo submitted to be re-recorded.  It was mainly a submission of a basic idea, but, in the end, it was way too weak.  Not badass enough.

You will hear a great violin and mandolin played by Jeffrey Young (it pays to live with musicians sometimes) and electric guitar by G. Scott Newbold.  There’s some accordion and cello in there too.

It was a sincere effort, but I’m so grateful G. Scott Newbold showed up and blew us all away.  I’m really happy with what we ended up using in the film.  RIP – Celtic Punk Demo. RIP.

I Got The Celt Kicked Out Of Me The Other Day