218. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Decided to do something different for the 365 project today.  Instead of a song, why not a Valentine’s Day movie? I’m the throes of several projects before I leave on a 5 week tour with Pearl and the Beard, one of which involves the ever musical Guy Capecelatro (who is absolutely out-writing me for sure). So, instead of writing just a song, Jonathan, as a kind of Valentine’s Day present to me, suggested we do a a movie for Valentine’s Day.  It might not sound like much to the average Valentine’s Day recipient, but we really have fun doing it – NERD ALERT.  We have previously done a small scene from Star Wars with PUPPETS (which I may post later), but for V-Day we decided on, what else, The Notebook starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.  Here’s what the scene from the movie looks like:

If you haven’t seen it – this is what you’ve been missing.  If you have seen it, you’ll know exactly where this falls in the movie, and if you don’t remember, well – then you obviously didn’t need to rewind it over and over again, memorizing every slur and pout that came out of Ryan Gosling’s mouth.

The music from the first half of the scene is from a piece I wrote called Odiorne and the Sea and put on a collaboration for Burst and Bloom Records called Seasonal DisorderWinter.  It’s a gathering of several artists who have all submitted tracks about Winter.  The outtakes half of the scene is a a brand new piece you’ll hear later in an undisclosed location…hmm…


5 thoughts on “218. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I know I’m super late, but I literally cannot stop watching and laughing at this amazing video. This is pure gold! XD

    Your southern accent…it kills me! haha

  2. Um… okay.

    THIS IS AMAZING. I can’t decide if my favorite part is:

    A. That only Jonathan appears to get wet.
    B. Emily throwing the “feed.”
    C. The fact that Emily left her glasses on the whole time.


  3. Turns out Jonathan is totally a good actor. Emily, you’re too dramatic but I love the southern accent. 🙂 Love you guys. Hi Lacey


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