214. One Year Ago Today

DAY TWO-HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN…(but still on sabbatical)

Harvey Robinson Took This Picture! http://www.monkeywhale.com

I thought that in honor of today being the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the 365 Project, despite there being some unavoidable road blocks, I would post a song.  I mean, why the heck not?!

Happy New Year, my friends!  I actually feel one year older… wow. I don’t think it’s ever felt this marked before.  My body, my mind: I’m ready for a vacation.

I made this sketch a few days ago. One of over a hundred sketches, drafts and finals I’ve completed in the past few months.  Some have made the cut into the film, many have not.  This one made it into the movie, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of it here in honor of the year mark.  This cue marks a very Hollywood-type scene where the hero sends his love away to safety… bring on the cheese!  It’s a short one, but I assure you, its coming about was no easy task… sigh…

For those who don’t know: my dad sent me a BANJO.  I cannot tell you how handy it has become in a time of need! Wow!  What a fantastic instrument, and I’ve had a great time teaching myself how to play this monster.

One Year Ago Today

Love to you… The project will be back to finish the rest of the 145 songs in a few weeks – I have yet to calculate a decent starting period, but when I do, YOU WILL KNOW.



5 thoughts on “214. One Year Ago Today

  1. Emily, this is amazing! Beautiful and tender! Thank you, Wynn for the banjo so Emily could make amazing music on it!!! Great work. I am so proud of you.


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