Happy Holidays! (And A Surprise Collaboration)

It’s that time of year, so here we go! Holy Schamboly!



Well, I got some very cool news yesterday:

Holy Crappola: There has been an unknown collaboration between myself and a fellow 365’er.  I have been informed that James Laurie, also known as Jonny 5, used one of my 365 songs in one of his Rhyme of the Day posts!  This guy has been doing a rhyme a day for an entire year, and he’s almost done!  I’m honored to be included in one of his remaining few days.  He used Day 202: Bells and Cello in an Empty Room to accompany some wickedly inspired rhymes.  Check it out and many of his awesome past posts, too.  Thank you, James!

The Holiday Update from Me to Yooou!:

There’s been a lot going on… movies! albums! studios! no sugar! laughter! friendship! Hooray!

That’s right: No Sugar. I am done with it for good… sigh. It’s was a difficult relationship filled with good times and bad.  I mean, he was good to me at times, but I had to cut the cord.  I have replaced him with fruit, though not as satisfying as biting into a perfectly iced, fluffy sugar cookie with sprinkles in the shape of a Mermaid (do they have those? YES!) or a nice chew from a sour gummy bear.  I digress.  Stevia, organic peanut butter, and the occasional piece of 90% Dark Chocolate get me through it. I have beaten the Sugar Monster, and I am still QUEEN!!!

In other, possibly more interesting, news Pearl and the Beard just wrapped up on recording for our second full length album last night! Phew! It was a doozy, but I really think we got some magical stuff goin’ on.  I can’t wait for you to hear it.  The movie score James Frazee and I have been working on is steadily coming to a close in a few weeks, and the 365 Project will resume for completion before Pearl and the Beard heads out on a lengthy tour in February/March… phew! I’m jet lagged already!  BRING IT ON, 2011!

And may you all have a very, very Happy Holiday.  Get your 365 on!




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