Black Vessel EP Release (Pearl and the Beard)

Fancy! Photo credit: Shervin Lainez (

What a crazy-busy few weeks.

I decided to shave off some stress and hold off posting for the 365 until a huge wake of gigs has subsided, and the Pearl and the Beard EP release is off and running.  It was a necessary sacrifice, unfortunately, and one I absolutely didn’t foresee going into the 365 a few months ago.  But it’s all culminating into one glorious moment surrounded by friends and loved ones at the EP release show which is TONIGHT!

We have been writing, practicing, arranging and filming over several weeks for tonight’s show at The Living Room in the Lower East Side in Manhattan.  We even got a fancy-schmancy photo shoot by the one and only Shervin Lainez!  You can view his extensive catalogue here: The guy is a genius.

To top it all off: our new EP has been released online and is ready for you to own it, too!  You can listen, purchase and download it here:

It is a special recording for us because it contains 3 solo songs from each of us and one rearrangement of our song Vessel from God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richarson.  For the EP, I chose to do a fancy recording of a 365 song, Manek and Ilona (hear the EP version here). I approached Franz Nicolay about producing and arranging string parts for this song, which he did so beautifully.  I absolutely love what he’s done, and my dear friend Emily Jane Price (who has also done a 365 with me!) drove all the way up from Baltimore in hours and hours of traffic to lend her beautiful violin playing to the song as well.  I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends to help me create something so meaningful.

Lastly, I am sitting on an awesome surprise that I hope I can reveal to you soon (the suspense is killing me)…and, of course, the 365 will be up and running once again!  (Thank you for your patience!)

Much love to you to today….


2 thoughts on “Black Vessel EP Release (Pearl and the Beard)

  1. This is the first time I’ve really heard Pearl and the Beard’s music, aside from the few collaborations that have made their way into the 365 project (doesn’t really count) and your Will Smith medley (so great). You guys make beautiful things together! Wonderful and fun arrangement of Manek and Ilona, and the title song has been haunting me ever since I downloaded it a few days ago. The three voices oscillating between harmony and unison is powerful on its own, but it all just sets you up for the crazy vocal counterpoint free-for-all, which is converted from frenetic energy to this bottled up, bristling static electricity in that ridiculously intense final segment. Gives me chills. Thanks for everything you do!



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