The 365 Sleepover Show Teaser!

Well, I’ve been absent a bit from the 365 but not gone!  I have a wonderful surprise for you, and it’s been in the works for a  few weeks, and it will be a bit more waiting until you see the whole thing, but, until then, here’s the teaser trailer for the fancy schmancy-caught-on-video-live performances of :





What are Sleepover Shows?

(In their own words)

Sleepover Shows are three song sets of acoustic or stripped down versions performed by bands that we love as they make their way through Boston. Though it started as something we did when bands needed a place to crash on the night of their shows, we now mostly film the sessions before a show and let the bands find their own ways home (though the offer still stands).

Basically, we try and use our spaces as creatively as we can.  We’ve filmed in the back seats of cars, on top of playground equipment, in doorways and alleys, in bathtubs and stairwells.  We try our best to get the bands to take their music outside of the confines of the studio and have some fun.

And that’s the point: to capture some great music that maybe isn’t always as polished, but shows these artists having a good time doing what they love. We’re doing what we love too, and hope you enjoy the videos!


Kelly, Rob and Aviv: you are three of the coolest people I know!

My full set of songs will be coming soon, until then, check out some of my favorites: