Someone gave me the idea of posting the dailies as multiples on one day instead of filling the holes as separates (which really annoy me, bee-tee-dubs) just to catch up.  I’m feeling overwhelmed, so how do I cope?  AVOIDANCE!  Well, no more!  Here I am, and I am sojourning on, creating a temporary catch up by showing you what I’ve been doing for the past five days on ONE day.

Today ends Anthony Da Costa week!  I’ve been arranging and rearranging cello solo, trios and quartets for Anthony’s new record.  I’m heading into the studio for a good chunk of the day today to get it all down on digital tape, and then it’s done!

I’ve also had the opportunity to play with the fabulous, and most beautiful, ukelele-ist Sophie Madeleine at Joe’s Pub this week and have yet another show with her on the 24th at The Living Room here in New York City. (Which just so happens to be where Pearl and the Beard’s EP release show is, too – and on the exact same night!  Kismet!)

These are smaller clips from larger arrangements.  These tracks are working drafts and most are improvised.

210. Cello Quartet (Day Three)

Ah… suspensions! Creating tension, one note at at time…

211. Cello Trio (Day Four)

I love what this does within the context of the song.  This is only :15, but I love it.  There is a piano part which is a standard progression, but these cello parts twist it and give it so much color.

212. Bells and Cello (Day Five)

This is actually a second version of day 209 (Day Two of Anthony Da Costa Week).  Day 209 had bells and two cellos and totally different feel.  If I do this one (212), it strips it down to one cello that only comes in one time and then dies.  I’m liking this simpler version much more.

213. Cello Trio (Day Six)

This is a second version of the river from day 208.  I’m thinking a tasteful combination of both might work well.  If you had the opportunity to create a river from a musical instrument, what would you use?  One of the greatest examples of this kind of musical representation is Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev.  I grew up listening to this version on vinyl.  I loved it!