Continuation of yesterday’s business… writing, writing, writing… and more writing.  This is a draft excerpt from slow song of Anthony Da Costa’s (see yesterday’s song).  He didn’t request bells, but I tried them, and I’m in love.  The draft here is just a trial for the sound, the arrangement I ended up with you’ll have to hear on Anthony’s album when it’s done! (hee hee)

The great thing about arranging for multiple stringed instruments (or what have you) is that you can take the base stuff away (the guitars, drums, etc.) and really hear a totally new piece.  In this case, I can hear lines that I didn’t want or melodic ideas that sound to similar to a track I just did…. which I find the inherent problem with arranging many things at once… I think you risk everything sounding the same… It’s okay. It’s good to try to overcome this, I think.

Sleep comes to me and I must bid her a welcome hello to her!

Anthony Da Costa Cello Excerpts (Day Two)