Anthony Da Costa

The next few days (who am I kidding?  It’s weeks right about now) are very (in a “glass-half-full” kind of mentality we can use the word: wonderfully) busy for me.  So, for the next few days, the 365 is going to be a bulletin board for trials I’m running for arrangements.  If you’ve been following the 365, you know Anthony Da Costa.  He has appeared more than once within the project, and now, he is recording a brand new album and has asked me to take part in doing some cello parts on it.

For obvious reasons, I can’t post the songs these trial excerpts are for, but I can tell you they are beautiful songs.  I’ve been working on 5 of them for his CD.  This first excerpt I’m posting for you to hear is a very rough draft of a smaller section of a song about a river.  This, for me, is the fulcrum of the song.  It’s in its beginning stages, but I like the ideas that are happening… can you hear the river starting to be born?  It might be cliché, but I like it!  And when you get Anthony’s album you can hear the final product (if he ends up liking it and using it).  Exciting!

Since arranging I’ve allow to be part of the 365, here is it, as it’s all I’ve been working on… (not to mention some other live performances coming up with Sophie Madeleine, a quartet and a solo show I’ve needed to get parts for… phew)

Hope your evening is absolutely smashing.

Anthony Da Costa Cello Excerpts (Trials)