204. We Are Not Each Other (F Major Scale)


In a new place with noisy, noisy streets, I decided to break myself in by just plugging my loop pedal into my computer to avoid any frustrations attempting to quiet my room or dragging my stuff out into the kitchen.  I really don’t like this method strictly because the sound quality of the stringed instrument is so nasally and whiney.  I’m feeling that way: maybe it’s appropriate.

What you are hearing: This is an F major scale played standing up (not my preferred method playing the cello at all as you can hear) into a loop pedal many, many times.  Scales are incredible.  I don’t play them nearly as much as I should.  As far as rhythm goes, you can hear it change from one thing to another by the end of it.  It changes for you (intentionally) like an illusion.  I love stuff like that.

You can either use a loop pedal or abuse a loop pedal (sonically).  They are delicate machines: you can really, really overuse them and they have a potential to bore (or at least bore me…).  I decided to over use it and not get bored.  And you?

Finding myself tired and busy, and have been sick for the past 4 days but feeling better.  All these things can be dealt without much trouble but not while all holding hands within the same person.  Hope you have found a delicious treat for yourself today.  Me?  I will try to track down some delicious something whilst on the road…

We Are Not Each Other

3 thoughts on “204. We Are Not Each Other (F Major Scale)

  1. I don’t think the pedal has been overused or abused at all. Speaking of someone who is good with a loop pedal, if you haven’t already, you should definitely look up Zoe Keating, who represents a little over one fourth of my cello idols (Keating, you, Yo-Yo Ma and Rostropovich).

    Here’s my favorite song, Optomist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3qZ5dtMn04

    Thanks for all this beautiful music.

    • I have absolutely heard of Zoe Keating! She is brilliant… my favorite of hers is Tetrishead… thank you for the link and for listening… more to come as soon as all these moving boxes disappear and my life begins outside of tour! Phew…

      • I love her as well! And I’m glad that you’re getting the time to settle down (though I loved your tour as well! Your Knitting Factory show with Lady Lamb was wonderful!).


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