190. In The Woodshed


Ha ha! I love you Google Image!

Now, I’m not saying that any of these 365 songs are completed, but, today, this song isn’t even close to finished (by saying that I mean: there really aren’t any words down on paper or a form or any changes, really).  I have posted incomplete songs before, but have yet to revisit them.  However, I think this song has some potential to become something interesting.  I like the uke part, but it needs a chorus, a bridge, etc., to really flesh it out.  I’m hearing some really dark and beautiful chord changes that color it up.  I’m posting it in this youthful form, having only improvised lyrics and form, as I am out the door.  Sometimes these moments of rush can really open up doors for possible gems.  We’ll see (hopefully soon) if this ends up in that camp.

May your weekend be as fruitful as your local produce section.  I sure do like you.

In The Woodshed

One thought on “190. In The Woodshed

  1. I agree. You should remember this one and come back to it later.

    Among other things, the 365 project is a discovery project. Seeking out new ideas, digging up different sounds and revealing fragments of songs are an important part of the creation process. Each discovery plays into a different aspect of song making. I love coming here and seeing the little exercises you have made up for yourself as you deconstruct and reconstruct different parts of the craft. Posting incomplete tunes is perfectly alright with me.


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