187. That Boy (A Study on Truth)


This is a study on TRUTH.

Which one is that boy? Company E, 4th US African-American Infantry. Shown armed with rifles at Fort Lincoln. (I obviously love these Civil War photographs as I've used quite a few for the 365 gallery. I love wondering who they were and looking into their faces.)


The idea came to me sometime last week, and I wrote out the lyrics really quickly and set it aside and worked on something else.  I started the background vocals, intending to use them for something totally different.  My initial idea for the melody and genre of this song was totally different, happier, and cheekier.  It was not at all intended for this genre, but I really like the end product.

So, let’s talk about TRUTH in relation to two people.  The easiest and most universal ways to communicate the idea of truth is with love or lust.  The basic idea in my mind was to paint a picture of a girl/woman exclaiming that she has a boy coming for her, calling out her name, thinking of only her.  My thought was ,”Well, how do we, the listener, know that that’s true?  What if he isn’t thinking about her at all.  Sure, maybe they met once, had a nice conversation, but now he’s just out working or fighting in the Civil War or rolling a cigarette complaining about the papers he’s bought?”  I find this kind of social relationship so fascinating.  I know it’s happened to me.  I was so certain, so sure of myself, that the emotions and actions of the other person were exactly as I said they were.  But what is the truth?  What is the reality?

That’s the irony for me, personally: between two people, there are many truths, many realities, and they all apply.  He is or isn’t thinking of her.  He does or doesn’t want her.  She might even be lying to us or falsely believes he’s preoccupied with thoughts of only her.  Is she on her deathbed (Lay me down backwards – as opposed to being buried facing East, face her West if he doesn’t come find her, and, if he does, he’ll be devastated to find her gone)?  Or is she just being cheeky with us and using strong sexual innuendo throughout her song to communicate something totally different?  Is someone being taken for a fool here?  Is it who we think it is?  Is it her?  Is it him?  Is it us?

It’s totally fascinating to me.

Recording: I sketched the 4 vocal chorus parts with a drum, but decided to leave the drum out as it was causing more problems that what it was worth, and I re-recorded them.  Initially, I meant these choral parts to go under a song about going down to a river, a song I worked one while on tour.  Surprisingly, these lyrics ended up in its place, and I’m much happier about it.

For the lead vocal, I turned up the sensitivity very, very high and sang very quietly into the mic.  I love the little things it picked up.  I loved the color so much that, even though Lacey breathed loudly towards the end, I kept it in.

Today, I am going to see about a rusty car I am considering purchasing with the fake money I have that grows on the fake Money Trees in Central Park out here in New York.  Chances are it might fall apart in the test drive.  We’ll see.

Hope your truths are keeping you at the edge of your seat today… have a cold one on me…

See you tomorrow!

That Boy

That boy, he’s comin’
That boy, that boy
That boy, he’s comin’
He’s comin’ for me
Bringing my bracelets of hair bound carefully
Lay me down backwards
He’ll come screaming
Just you wait
Just you wait
Just you wait
Just you wait and see
There’s a boy
And he’s thinkin’ ’bout me
He calls out my name
That boy, that boy, for me
He’s comin’, he’s comin’
He calls out my name
Oh, that boy, that boy
Oh he’ll never be the same
That boy’s comin’
That boy is comin’ for me
Lay me down
He’ll come, come screaming

One thought on “187. That Boy (A Study on Truth)

  1. This is so delicately haunting; such power in the vocals with such a staid delivery. You are a delight and I’m lucky to know you.


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