Golan Heights

Pearl and the Beard is going on tour ON SATURDAY and coming to a midwestern town NEAR YOU!

We are teaming up with some incredible people (Anna Vogelzang and Holy Ghost Tent Revival just to name a few)… and I cannot tell you how excited I am to hit the road.  I think it’s a want to see new people and things… (oh, and let us not forget THRIFT!!!)

So, I have been writing a song today about a sheep… or a lamb, I guess.  This entire song started with this line, and I didn’t even end up using it:  I have a straw hat and it was fitted for you.

Initially, I wanted it to be quite dark and old, but it just wasn’t coming together.  In my mind, I saw a far away place (Israel of all places…) out on an open plain covered by a deep starry sky.  Soon, a storm comes.  The speaker is the man to the “Lady”.

I decided that the sound that a lamb or sheep makes is very forward sounding in the throat, and I tried to imitate it somewhat, however, I could only attempt it a few times as it’s a bit uncomfortable, and  I’m unfamiliar on how to do it correctly.  (I am totally abusing the etymology dictionary on this song: I love it!  And you can dedicate a word to someone on it!  Nice.)

Recording: As far as the vocal goes – a few weeks ago, Pearl and the Beard played a Joe’s Pub festival, and, performing right before us, was a Balkan woman’s quartet called Black Sea Hotel.  The way they were singing was really intriguing to me so I had that in my mind.  John Houx was also a huge reference for this song as well.  His voice is just awesome.

This is the third take and, though I wanted to add cello, I stopped at just a few vocal overdubs to save some time.  Always a work in progress.  I was unsure how to end it, but wanted to record it – so the very, very end is a bit improvised lyrically, but it fits the purpose quite nicely for what this song was meant for today.

Be well!  I hope you are easily staying cool if it is hot where you are and, if it is cold where you are, I envy you completely!

Lady, My Lamb

(Headphones/speakers recommended rather than internal laptop speakers)

Lady, my lamb
He bleats tonight
Face deep in the sand
Won’t you cure us all, cure us all tonight
Mouth, wide, full of coin
Face into the storm
Cries to hear his own voice
Singular violent and warm
Please, brother please
This gamut you will sing
Keep this lovely tune
Into the night, will ring
Please, brother please
Keep this lovely tune
Please, please, brother please
I will see you soon