181. Hot Volcano


Sometimes my schedule isn’t conducive to writing AND recording… but day 179 DOES have a song.  I started a song called Hot Volcano a few weeks ago which I handed over to Pearl and the Beard.  We finished it on day 179, but, ALAS!, we couldn’t record on day 179…

So, until I get a proper recording of it, the lyrics will just have to do.  HOWEVER, if you come to Pearl and the Beard’s Mercury Lounge show THIS FRIDAY at 8:00, you can hear it LIVE for the first time EVER.

Stay cool!

Hope you are well!


Hot Volcano

Take me down, down, down
To the old volcano, down, down
Tie me up, scoop me out all hollow
You’re bad, oh, you’re bad,
Hold me down (down down)
Make the ropes dig deeper
Yellin’ Alleloo-loo-loo-ya, Ya got me laughin’ at the Reaper
You’re bad, Oh, you’re bad
And I like bad
(Hot Kazoo Instrumental Solo)
You’re coarse
But like water my body needs more
Knew no evil like you here before
Go around one more time
And never, no never, you stop
My hands are tied
But it’s no bother
I feel a rumbling coming up
And I might just fall in lava

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