180. 4th Of July/Christmas Tie


It is fourth of July in New York City.  My friend Mark Broschinsky, trombonist, phD, and all around great person, came to hang with us for the holiday for a bit and play some holiday Scrabble.  Why the title?  Well, Jonathan ended up countering today’s holiday by wearing a Christmas tie my dad made him pick out a few years ago; hence, Christmas Tie.

In New York City fireworks are illegal and this holiday tends to send up the fiery flags of the young and old.  You can hear its repercussions in the back ground (though, I must tell you, it’s not that different on a non-holiday… but…).  Mark is a fantastic new music composer.  Of all the instruments in my house, none of them being a trombone mind you, he chose the bells.  A tritone is his favorite interval, so he played a bit of that in today’s song.  I feel it’s an appropriate interval for the 4th of July.

In this exercise, I decided to go more “classical-trad” with the vocals for fun.  The term sprechgesang came to mind (though it’s subtle here).  Music learning is so cool, isn’t it?!  The piece Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schoenberg is a weirdly awesome, wonderful piece to hear for the first time if you’ve never experienced it.

Jonathan played the wooden trays from our Scrabble board and the Scrabble “snack-pack” for all the letters.  There is also a tiny bit of thumb piano.

In any case, I AM TWO DAYS FROM BEING HALF WAY.  Stay tuned for a mid-way reflection when it comes!

On a personal note: I have decided to cut out dairy and gluten to see what happens.  Today is the first full day where I think I actually did it.  Holy cow, there are people who do this?! It’s impossible.  I have to think about what I’m putting in my mouth now?!  What?!  Feeling good.


4th Of July/Christmas Tie

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