179. Bear/Tree


I will just go ahead and assume that Jonathan and I will be two of the only people who think this is funny.  I challenge you!  I asked Jonathan, yet again, to save the day and suggest something for the song of the day.


Here is his description of where this song came from.  This is a true story that happened to him on a trip with several of his friends.  It became a memory that we relived today in a dramatization:

There I am, driving through Yellowstone at night.  The car approaches a looming silhouette that looks uncannily like a full-grown grizzly bear standing up on its hind legs.  Just as I am taking in this shocking discovery, a flashing hazard light on the side of the road flashes and illuminates the figure that now appears to be nothing but a spruce tree.  Feeling comforted by the new revelation, I continue in the car toward the figure and the light turns off.  Is that a bear?  The car gets closer.  Tree. Closer. Bear. Closer. Bear! Tree? Bear? Tree! Bear!

Okay… go!


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