171. One-Armed Man (The “La” Song)


Samuel Doles, a son of Thomas and Harriet Rhinehart Doles. He was a one armed man and always posed himself in such a way to keep that fact from being obvious in photos.

One of my favorite songs ever is Can’t Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue (Proud to be guilty of it!)

I have always want to do a la la la la la song…there are a lot of sweet-ass songs that have “la’s”, and here are a few:

Nadia Ali did Rapture

Goldfrapp did Ooh, La, La

and could one forget this pearl: Inner Circle – Sweat

One-Armed Man

I’ll wear your tie, you wear my dress

Knit me a fine white, crooked vest

Shoes fit so tight with tailored pants

Hold tight we will with these two hands

And we sing

It’s blue tonight where should be black

Stars and the suns will not come back

But we will dance beneath the sands

My dress for you, my one-armed man

And we sing

And dance, we will hold tight two hands

Just me and you, my one-armed man

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