UGGGGGHHHHH.... soooooo gooooood. So many pictures of this food...

This is near to be the quickest while at the same time being the dumbest (I mean, awesomest?) 365 song yet (the song has to be quick and dumb at the same time in order to qualify for this honor.  It can’t be dumb first and then quick later or vice versa).  Minute 1:47 is my favorite moment.

I grew up eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese  – None of this stupid homemade junk.  What’s that?!  Now that I’m grown up, when there is nothing to eat in my house, I usually crave it (though I don’t eat it now due to incredibly top-secret, very sensitive political and personal reasons.)  If I’m really hard up, I’ll do a run next door and get some Annie’s Mac and Cheese which is a pretty good organic alternative, also knowing I should be eating the broccoli that’s just sitting there getting bad in the crisper.


What’s in your fridge that you should be eating?  Want to write a song about it?  There are no rules and there is no dumb.

It’s Lunchtime (And Against My Better Healthy Judgment, I Would Like Something I Don’t Have In My House)