Jocelyn Mackenzie constructed this starfish house for the tiny star fish we saw in the tiny tide pools on the beach. I’d live there for sure.

Look at those beaches!

BEACHES! On beaches there are shells that have been picked up by birds and dropped on the ground to get the food out.  These shells came from near Biddeford, ME the last time I was there with Pearl and the Beard to play a show at Hog Farm.  We spend the next day at the beach, and it was wonderful.  I have put them in a glass vase where a few of them have broken into little pieces.  Here you can be witness to their debut in the 365.

I have an arsenal of favorite sounds.  Just a few of them are:

Someone else’s keys dangling from the ignition
Walking on Lava Rock
Seashells clinking together
Record scratches
Someone else’s really old windshield wipers on their really old car
Old people’s voices (really old people)
Thunder from far away
Hard heeled shoes on all different textures of pavement
Beans being sorted on our kitchen table by my Brazilian roommate in Pittsburgh
Long nails on a keyboard
Fountain pens scratching on paper

Sure, We Got Beaches (Or You’re Such a Beach)

And you?  Since I had a birthday, I thought I might include just 2 of my favorite sounds into a piece for you to hear.  It hypnotizes me, but it certainly doesn’t have to do the same for you.  What sounds do?