165. The Dust Shall Bow (Jonathan Clark)


This is,  95% of it, a song by Jonathan Clark. I did very little for the actual writing process other than help a little with the words, help arrange, add back ground vocals, mix and edit.  (That suddenly seems like a lot, but Jon really gets the credit for the meat of this song, though editing was another matter entirely.)  Jonathan was hesitant to take on so much of the work, but I forced him to sing it by himself and play the guitar (which was a last-ditch effort for a slide guitar sound made with a porcelain cup.)  This is basically his first run through, and I had to do a lot of cutting, copying and pasting and sound work to make this take on Jonathan’s vision for the song.

Jonathan has asked to type a little about this song.

Here he is:

I am a music lover and listener.  I am constantly soaking in music and occasionally something seeps out.  Sometimes I want to be lifted up on a finely woven mountain of sound by a good Sufjan Stevens song.   Lately I have been fixated by sparse, simple tunes rolling in the dirt such as those by the White Stripes and the Black Keys.  Listening to those artists eventually led me the artists that inspired those bands, especially Son House.  When you listen to Son House it’s like drinking a big glass of his unfiltered soul complete with sweet, bitter, kindness, suffering, all poured into a dirty glass for your consumption.

I started tossing around this tune a few weeks ago and today Emily helped me bring it to life.  All I can say about the process is that when I walked away after finishing recording I was frustrated that I could not present it the way I really wanted to.  I left for about 20 minutes, feeling really disappointed about the outcome.  When I came back and heard the song I was presented with a little EHP crafted miracle.  She had edited and molded the mess into a coherent song.  She was a little disappointed with quality of the sound, but for me it is exactly what I was looking for – rolling in the dirt.

The Dust Shall Bow

You open up your eyes and you realize
The woman that you love has materialized
Lift up your face in a new place
Don’t know for sure but you’re fallen from grace.
In psalms I read, the Lord has fed
Those who serve him, their souls ain’t dead.
But I don’t mind cause the girl is mine
She lifts me to heaven cause she’s do divine
I know  there’s nothin’ really stoppin’ it
You sneak up from behind and you get right on top of it.

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