161. Been Put Out My Home


Parkin (vicinity), Arkansas. The families of evicted sharecroppers of the Dibble plantation. January, 1936 (more photos, info. after the jump)

This was done very quickly with stacked stomps and claps (with Jon’s help).  It needed it to feel like a group effort, therefore being a little loose around the edges all around (rhythm and vocals).  After further thought, I wonder now about the claps, though I wasn’t trying to reproduce what this exact genre might do, it occurred to me that the clapped rhythm in particular might be anti-genre, though I don’t know… it’s an interesting study nonetheless.  This kind of specific musical history (why/how/what/when and where would they use specific rhythms, melodies, instruments) is totally fascinating to me, and the fact that there is that kind of detail studied today about specific genres is awesome.

Lyrics come from thoughts of moving and starting over completely yet again… which is always at the back of my mind…

Have been introduced to Ma Rainey recently.  So beautiful!  I highly recommend her to you.

Been Put Out My Home

Been put out my home

Been put out my home

Saw better days, they’re comin’

Saw better days, they’re comin’

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