156. I Understand (A Smile and a Ribbon)


This is a commentary.  I had a very long conversation with a friend recently to try a diffuse some misunderstandings, frustrations and so on.  It’s awakening to find so many misunderstandings towards things that seem so simple, as if we were both speaking totally different languages while using basic vocabulary, when we want things to just feel easy (Holy Ghost Tent Revival makes life feel easy to me: like I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re all just okay.)

At the end of the day, it’s alright.

I gave myself a time limit of 25 minutes to fully complete this.

Recordings used in this installation:

Holy Ghost Tent Revival clip from their song Get Over Yourself intro on their album Family

A Smile and a Ribbon (Prudence by Robert Wells, Mark McIntyre) (Liberty Records, Inc.)

Getting Around in Spanish for a Quick and Easy mastery of Everyday Words and Phrases (Holt)

Hop Scotch Polka from Old Time Dance Show – Dick Rodgers and his T.V. Recording Orchestra (Decca)

(Burned  huge pot of beans making this one. Sigh.)

I Understand (A Smile and a Ribbon)


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