154. Juno (The Art Songs: Part Two)


I had a request to do a “silly voice”.  R: Two celli (arco and col legno), one vocal.  L: 48 seconds

Other requests/projects lined up:

Quite a few people have sent lyrics for me to use (some from a while ago!)… getting to them as soon as I can!
Grace Jones cover (nope: have not forgotten!)
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper assigned me 5 words to put into a song
I have been asked to compose music for a few film scores (indie and documentary)… we’ll see what happens!
Anthony Dacosta new CD cello arrangements!
always more and more…

Arrived home today from a short trip.  Sleepy.  And you?

Juno (The Art Songs: Part Two)

She, like Juno, sprained her ankle once while getting out.  Places pepper in her eye and your tongue in her ear.  She’s gone and can hear again, in my dream.

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