152. Radio Show (Live on WPKN 89.5 FM with Jo Williamson)


Jo Williamson

A friend of mine and great singer-songwriter named Jo Williamson asked me to be on her radio show up in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Is there a more perfect place to stage a 365 song? NO!

I was a bit late (don’t be late for a radio interview!) and brought Jonathan and Lacey with me since the drive is a bit longer and it gave us an opportunity to visit Jon’s sister just a bit further north.

I asked Jo if she wouldn’t mind writing and performing a song live on air, as I’ve always wanted to do something like that… Jo and I wrote and practiced this in 7 minutes, as that was the length of time left in an interview piece she was playing on air.  She picked the first chord, I wrote my part, she wrote her part… done.  Tip for a 7 minute song: simpler is better.

Hope you are totally awesome today.

Radio Show (WPKN 89.5 FM with Jo Williamson)

Radio show
What you got for me?
Radio show
I’ll be late but then we’ll see…
I got a little room and a microphone
And some old tunes and the glow of your soul
Radio show


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