151. Ghetto Funeral (Charles Reznikoff)


Charles Reznikoff

The lyrics are taken from Charles Reznikoff’s collection of poems in 1920, companion verses to his poems “Ghetto Funeral” and “August”.  Though, in the strictest of the catalogue, I don’t actually use lines in “Ghetto Funeral” perse, but I really like it for the title.  I have been conscious about melody line and played with very deliberate, and sometimes odd, ascending lines.

I like dirty cello lines.  I think this is a bit dirty.

Vocals are mainly improvised and there was no planned use of any section of the poem.  You can read about Mr. Reznikoff here, if you like.

It is SO HOT today.  And SO HUMID.  I would like to see a movie.  I saw Micmacs the other day.  It was good.  I like movies where strange plans to foil evil people go off without a hitch over and over again.

Ghetto Funeral

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