143. Sketch (of New York)


I’ve been giving myself a little trouble for “being behind”… but what I’ve realized is that “behind” depends on how you look at it.  My general rule is to write a post the day before so it goes up and is available to listen to throughout the day… but I’ve now fallen so that writing is just all the time (it has become thus) but posting has been moving from the day before, to the day of, to the day after (i.e. today).  I realize it’s all a matter of how you think about it (day before, day of, day after), but have stopped worrying about the mechanics of how things have been working as it’s causing me to lose sleep and security.

This is a simple sketch of sound involving a happy accident of a spinning ring on a desktop and treated cello pizzicato.  It’s repetitive, but it’s a sketch.  I’m thinking it might put you into a state of hypnosis…?  My initial idea was to use this for something else, but in creating it, and knowing I have other things to work on (today’s song), I left it as a sketch…

What’s up in your day today?  Manhattan is gloriously cloudy and cool today as opposed to yesterday’s heat and suffocation.

Sketch (Of New York)

4 thoughts on “143. Sketch (of New York)

  1. Regardless of the schedule, we will still be listening. I don’t think a time will come when I am not amazed by your skill and dedication.


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