141. Stranger in An Armored Car


"The Medium Eva C. With a Materialization on Her Head and a Luminous Apparition Between Her Hands," 1912, by Albert von Schrenck-Notzing (German, 1862-1929).

I love the title of this picture.

I don’t like delay much.  It just has this effect on me that makes me feel like it’s saying, “I’m a lot of sound, and I’m in your face right now.”  Delay just seems very made up to me, but here it is today in the 365 for the first time.  I like what it means, just not always what it actually ends up doing.

This was recorded in my hallway using:

railroad ties

2 metal pot lids

rubber mallet

2 voice tracks


metal water bottle with water in it

empty metal water bottle

ambient apartment building noises (elevator, talking, etc.)

This is practice.  I’m working on coming up with sounds that might describe a scene without being too obvious about it.  If I was only going to say one critiquing thing to myself it would be the want of space in this exercise.  Space, as discussed before, is very important, and I often leave it out.

Stranger in an Armored Car

P.S. I was sent this song by a reader and listener of the 365…in response to Day 129. Brad Pitt Sits in The Van (The Dream)…I love it…

Their words about the piece: So after our conversation the other night about your friend whose Brad Pitt dream you made come true – I ended up having a dream about writing a song – about you writing a song …so of course I have to make my dream come true.  Emily

(Thank you secret 365 friend! Awesome!)

One thought on “141. Stranger in An Armored Car

  1. This is really spooky and lovely! In a spooky way. I love the sounds of the water splashing, and I think the “room” sound of the hallway is just perfect for the effect here.


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