I struggled with whether or not to post this one.  This a live performance song from Boston with Guy Capecelatro at the Armory show, but next to the recorder that was recording the song was a cell phone… so interference occurred through the entire song.  I realized that if I panned everything to the left you couldn’t hear the interference… which in and of itself is kind of dumb.  Post a song that only plays from the left!?

Well, good luck!  Both Guy and I were improvising our parts melodically and harmonically.  Guy had these lyrics in his book and wrote them out for me to sing in a quiet voice.  The funny thing was (or sad actually) that the Armory in Boston is having trouble with neighbors constantly telling them they are too loud (which is unfortunate because the venue is so awesome), so we decided to do a very quiet improvised song on my set.

I am falling asleep after driving all day back to New York from New England on tour with Pearl and the Beard… looking forward to getting some rest and getting some good work done on some projects (many of them for the 365).

One thing I totally forgot to mention is that a few days ago a blog called All Our Noise mentioned The 365 Project and has made 3 songs from the project available for download… which ones are they?  Well… read the blog and go see for yourself!  Yay!

Quiet Song