Texas Cowboy

Instrumentation: 2 tracks of Bariton Uke, treated

Midi: Several tracks of treated beats and one track of treated grand piano

Vocals: treated (vocal transformer)

Finished track: slowed down 10 BPMs from original recording tempo.

Lyrics: Inspired from old set lists from other bands found at Hog Farm Annex when Pearl and the Beard played there last night.  Jocelyn found three different set lists from nameless bands to use as scrap paper for our set, and, as we read through them, she mentioned they might work well as a 365 song.  So, here it is an old set list put to good 365 use.  The only rule was that I couldn’t change any of the words to fit the tense.  I had to use what was there though I could combine them or split them up.  In my original versions of this exercise (I did several), I used all the words, but for this song, I decided to cut a bunch out of it to simplify the piece as a whole.

This is how the set list I ended up using read… (if this is your band, or if you know who this might be: thanks!)

Label pills
El Gusano
Show Me
Ol Texas
Slow Shards
Super Vision
Shot n Shot
Throw duck
Jet Fighter

Show Me Ole Texas

Show me ole Texas
The one we knew when we were younger
An acreless vision
Send me to El Gusano
A shot in the dark
I have super vision
She will see through me
She will see through me
Like your favorite dress
Show me ole Texas
Throw me a label of pills
We’ll drive through the night

Pearl and the Beard is goin’ home tomorrow!  It’s been a fun mini tour, and it’s been very relaxing.  Thanks to all who made it out to the shows!  See you soon!