Montauk Beach

(Pearl and the Beard on tour!)  Tour is a relatively easy place to write a song, but really difficult to record and post…if it’s not finding a good place to record, it’s not being able to find proper internet to post.  Here’s one for your back pocket:

For your listening pleasure, I offer up to you a two-minute and one second look into… I’m not sure, actually.  Jonathan and I set up a challenge for ourselves: put together a song as quickly as possible (hence the rough edges and less than stellar mic technique) with  odd references but without compromising the building blocks of a good dance song.

Used in this song: scissors, Jonathan, Emily, and the never-failing Garageband.

Encounters with a Drunken Landlord

“Wherever the spirit tells you to go, you go.”

“The system is down.”

“I’m in my underwear.”

“The system is down, man.  It’s bringing me down.  It’s bring him down.  It’s bring us all down…Bring it back up.  Yeah!”