135. Hand Of God (Guy Cap and Anna Vogelzang)


Electromagnetic energy pumped out by a neutron star. (click to read entire article)

Hello, Rainy Day .

This is a song with lyrics written by Guy Capecelatro, vocals by Anna Vogelzang (sung into a mini-bull horn kind of thing) with harmonies by Guy and me!

Guy wrote these lyrics, handed them to me and I devised a kind of chord pattern and ideas for some of the melody and picked “Hand of God” to be the chorus .  I handed that to Anna who added her own main melody and sang the main vocal parts AND the crazy opera vocals at the end.  Cool!  We didn’t have time to finish this in Portsmouth, so we left it in Guy’s hands to finesse it into being – I’m always pleased with the miracles he can form with something I might consider a bit of a challenge.  I was left to my own devices after we did all the vocals, and I saw fit to add cello arco lines, a quartet and MUSICAL SAW!  I can’t play it to save my life, but I’d like to learn: what a fantastic instrument… and someone has already mentioned putting saw on something on the Paper Moon posting (I have not forgotten!).  After adding all that stuff without any organization, I got a bit frustrated, which is why I liked leaving it to Guy to suss out.  Hooray!

Hand of God

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