Meet Sonya Cotton.  This is a bit unconventional, but since my rules for the 365 don’t stop me from covers, I really wanted to  play this song.  This last Friday, I played a Washington, D.C. show with musician Sonya Cotton and Ugly Purple Sweater (And much to my satisfaction, Sam McCormally agreed to play A Thousand Thousands with me on my set for the first public performance of the song ever).

A week or so before the DC show, I wrote Sonya and asked her if she would consider playing a song with me for the 365…since she is on the road and very busy, as really wonderful musicians tend to be, we weren’t able to actually write anything together, but she did send me a song of hers she says she rarely gets to play.  I learned the song and on the day of the show, and at soundcheck we ran through it.   We did a simple version of it and I added a pizz cello part.  I thought, since I learned this song, I would do a version of it.  I like to twist covers around usually and make them my own, but this song in and of itself is lyrically and chordally intertwined, so I just kept it as it is seeing as it’s really beautiful that way anyway.  This is similar to how we did it live.

I would highly suggest watching this video of Sonya and her band.  I’m telling you right now: this is exactly how it sounds live.  Amazing harmonies, intonation, and just simply beautiful music.  It was a total pleasure to meet Sonya, Anna and Gabe…

Recording: Yep. Woke up and recorded this. There is morning in this voice, my friend. MORNING!

Churchbells by Sonya Cotton

Ghost weeping, broken city, buries completely the glory of the sound that we found in our hands and over our bed. But seasons change. What remains in porcelain walls miles from the ground? I am beckoning the sound of church bells to carry me home. Oh church bells, carry me home. Oh church bells. Oh climbing vines. Oh wooden walls. Oh glorious sound.