Jonathan, Phillip, and Sam Stolpe

I have not had internet ALL DAY.  I even tried to “borrow” it from an open network, but nothing… NOTHING.  Is it the rain?  So I’ve had a song ready all day and couldn’t post it… So!  Here it is… and it’s a special installment which I will let Sam Stolpe, my friend from DC, (who came to visit today with friend Phillip – they came up to run from Washington Heights to Battery Park…made it to 14th street), put into his own words.  (See below)  He is always very enthusiastic about helping me with a song for the 365, and, over breakfast, he told this story which we made into a reality for him.

Sam: Guitar and vocals.  Jonathan: snare, tambourine, grunting.  Phillip: Omnichord and grunting.  Emily: cello and grunting.

Sam Stolpe: With this song, Emily helped me to fulfill a dream.  Literally.  On the night of November 24, 2005 I was awoken from a remarkable vision: Standing in a children’s park bordered by brilliant trees, my attention was drawn to the most amazing bicycle that I have ever seen.  I was completely captivated by the bicycle and felt compelled to take it.  I went on a fantastic ride… but I soon began thinking of the owner, and the evil thing I had done by taking it without asking.

I turned around to return the bike, and found a group of little people gathered around a dwarf consoling him.  He was the owner of the bicycle, and brightened when he saw me approach.  I apologized for taking his bicycle, to which he replied that my honesty in returning it would be rewarded by his revealing to me this secret: he was a magical dwarf.  He took me to a fantastic recording studio, the focal point of which was a curious machine.  It was like an organ, in that it had the keys of a piano, but with many bewildering dials and knobs, and strange digital screens.  My new dwarven friend explained that the magic of the device would sing forth lyrics as I composed them in my mind and played the keys.

As I played the device the song in my mind came wafting out.  Each key I pressed evoked a single word, sung by the machine in the voice of the magical dwarf.  This is the song that I wrote, and then immediately awoke:

Brad Pitt Sits Out In The Van

Brad Pitt sits out in the van

While Angelina drops the kids off

Brad Pitt sits out in the van

And Jen is calling on her cell phone