128. Rotten (Guy Capecelatro)


Johnny Rotten

This is Rotten.  It’s not about Johnny Rotten, but it’s a funny link, no?

Guy and I did this while we were in Keene, New Hampshire last Thursday (?), and I have a back log of songs we did that day, so I’ll be seeping them in a few at a time.  We were waiting for Anna to get out of the shower and just kept doing song after song very quickly.  Guy would record them on this iPhone, so I apologize for the lack of complete clarity.  (I also had left my computer in Portsmouth so I couldn’t record anything anyway.)  This is a loop I had on my pedal from some where and some time.  The words are based on something Guy said to me right before we recorded and are im…pro…vised!  We were hanging out in the venue the morning after the show and this was recorded over the sound system… just playing around for the 365.  Perhaps this has potential?

Rhyming… sigh.


You’re rotten… rotten to the core

You’re rotten… and I can’t take it any more…

3 thoughts on “128. Rotten (Guy Capecelatro)

  1. I ADORE this. Everything about it. The sound quality, the melody. Emily..you sound like a resentful Judy Garland. So stunning.

  2. I seriously cannot get enough of you. I’ve been listening to you and Anna non-stop since I left the show on Sunday night.
    My mom told me I couldn’t come to the Lilypad show next weekend, because it starts so late. Curse her. Or not. I can’t stay mad at her.
    But I will be there in spirit!


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