125. Apple (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper)


Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

Sometimes I feel like magical things happen very quickly and unexpectedly… other times magic happens after a while of hard work and dedicated thinking… however, this song is probably a great example of the former.  Lady Lamb The Beekeeper and I have started a habit now (well, is two songs a habit?) of writing songs in short bursts (see DAY 15 Ghosts in My Teeth) .  I had a show in Portland a few days ago where Lady Lamb lives.  There was literally no time to get together that day to write something, so we stole some time after a show to write something in about 5-10 minutes.

Writing: Sitting outside in the gutter and tuning my tenor uke like a baritone, I just started playing these chords.  We quickly found a melody and swirled out these words onto paper.  Lady Lamb said she had been using “apple” in another song she’d been working on and used it for this.  I think it’s perfect.  In deciding that there would just be sung syllables and no words for the middle, there was really no plan or decision for placement or how many times we would do it.  What you are hearing now is the first and only version we did of this song.  This is why I see this as magic.  There are a few really wonderful things that happen totally by accident.  One of my favorite, totally unplanned, parts is the second time through the verse (yes, repetition is awesome), the last time we repeat “become” in the verse  before we repeat it, Lady Lamb drops out and lets me sing “become” by myself and then she begins singing a descant part using the word “become”.  It’s one of my favorite moments in the whole song.

Recording:  We had to record in a hurry, so I opted for just the internal speakers of the computer.  Not a great sound, but  it works.

I would dare say that there are more lines to be written to this song, but as it is, it’s already very sweet.  I hope you like it, too.


So suffice to say
If you walked away
I would be a lonely apple
In the core of me
There grows a seed
And it’s trying to become
La, La, La
So suffice to say
If you walked away
I would be a lonely apple
In the core of me
There grows a seed
And it’s trying to become
Become, become, become…

7 thoughts on “125. Apple (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper)

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  2. Light comes after darkness and

    The mountain lion feeds her wakening cubs

    The crow awakens the sleeping doe

    While the Ace of Suns begins the dawn…

    The spontaneous creativity i see and hear here is a new awakening in my soul… Thank you

  3. Put a star next to this one.

    The two of you really connected on this one to make it happen with ten minutes and one take. I am very happy these moments can be shared.


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