123. He Died in My Arms (Guy Capecelatro)


This is a 365 study on affection (or drama, I can’t decide).  This is one of the songs Guy and I did yesterday morning while waiting for Anna Vogelzang to wake up.  We were in Keene, New Hampshire.

I did a few songs like this one yesterday.  The interesting things is, as silly as it may sounds in the recording, at a certain point, I thought in my mind, “You should really mean this.”  It’s a kind of funny place to go in my mind.  I like songwriting and music in general because of its emoting potential.  I rarely get to be so silly or even so dramatic, and I think the drama of a song is a really important element in communicating its purpose.  I’ve never killed any body, but what if I had and was singing about it?  (Although I’m not sure who would sing about it besides an Andrew Lloyd Webber character…)

Writing: Now, we did this probably 3 times, each time the words being related but different.  This is one of the first times, I think.  These words aren’t planned necessarily, although, the basic idea was formulated in my mind for a few minutes as we were just playing around.  As for vocal choice, why did I sing it this way?  I’m not sure.  I think in my mind I meant to communicate a really craziness (although Jonathan would tell me I’m just using my silly voice because I’m insecure… and why would I want to be serious… we argue about this kind of thing often.  What is serious?  What is silly?  Do you think Joanna Newsom’s voice is affected? Is Joanna Newsom being silly or serious?)

Anyway, here is the song.  I like thinking it’s some guy in a saloon (see sepia tone) in 1885 singing this to his buddy who’s laying on the floor.

He Died in My Arms

Guy on Tenor Uke, EHP on Baritone Uke

I killed a man
He died in my arms
I killed a man
He died in my arms
He died, and he wept like a little baby
He wept like a little baby in my arms
I was shocked when he cried and he died in my ever lovin’ arms
Never saw myself as a bad man
But I knew that he had to go
I knew he had to go
He was my man, he was my man.
He died in my arms.

5 thoughts on “123. He Died in My Arms (Guy Capecelatro)

  1. Emily,

    Love your stuff. Do you take requests? If so, I would love to hear your version of this song (just in case you’re looking for ideas):


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