122. War (Trial Version #1) Previously: Missing in Action


Original Post:

Hello this is Jonathan here to tell you that Emily is in Keene NH and does not have her computer.  I am posting an acoustic version of War that she recorded a while ago.  I don’t know any details about the recording process for this song, so just sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy.


In leaving my computer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire stupidly for two days, I became suddenly aware of my own preoccupation with posting for the 365.  Songwriting for the project is a huge endevor in and of itself, but the whole posting thing has become a bit of an obsession.  I have become later and later in my posting time having previously been a stickler about adding the new song and post at midnight the day before… it has now migrated to nearly midnight the day OF.

At the end of the day, the posting is important, but not as important as writing.  I still feel very strongly about the posting aspect of the 365, but hope you will be understanding should my absentmindedness leave my recording equipment in a totally different city.  In the meantime, I had Guy Capecelatro record on his iPhone (what in the world did people do before this thing?!) the songs for the 365.  We have just returned this evening to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, so I’m hoping to get back on track.  Now, I’m getting a little messed up in my days, and if I’M confused in the 365, I hope you aren’t!

WAR: In any case, I called Jonathan up this morning and asked him if he wouldn’t mind posting for the 365, as I was unable to do it.   I thought what he wrote was so great and to the point that I wanted to leave it.  He chose to show you a “Commercial Break” song I have been working on for quite some time.  I have a loop pedal “reversal” song I play live but for which I have no actual recording.  I have been working on this for the past few months on and off (okay, mostly off.  I did this in one sitting and haven’t revisited it since), so what you’re hearing is a trial arrangement.

I also did a bunch of new song writing with Guy Capecelatro this morning, so, as soon as I get the iPhone file from him, I will post it!

See you tomorrow!



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