121. Keene Left Us With and Without (EHP on tour!)


EHP, Jerusha Robinson (South China), Anna Vogelzang, Guy Capecelatro, Jeremy Robinson (South China)


I am now confused.  This is what happened:

Emily was dumb and decided to “pack light” and totally spaced and left her computer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire while she traveled to Keene, New Hampshire and Brattleboro, Vermont for two different shows.  Dumb!  This means there has been no postings for TWO DAYS.  What’s up?  Jonathan was so good as to post something for me that I have been working on that is quite unfinished.

In any case, the only way of capturing the songs I was writing was with Guy’s iPhone.  Guy and I wrote a bunch of stuff this morning while Anna was sleeping (we are both early risers), and on the evening of the 4th (the day this post was to be put up), I meant to post this group collaboration.  Again, I apologize for the rough state of the recording, but when it’s all you got, it’s all you got, you know?

On May 4th, South China (Jeremy and Jerusha Robinson), Laina (our lovely Keene hostess of the venue The Starving Artist and musical giantess), Guy Capecelatro, Anna Vogelzang and I all had a show.  That night, we all stayed with Laina and did two different songs.  One of which I still have to get from Guy which ended up a bit more linear and planned than this one here, which is a bit chaotic.  I will get it from him in the morning and post it along with this one.

It’s a fascinating thing when you fill a room with songwriters, for that is what it was: every person in the room was a songwriter.  I did an interview of sorts before we played together.  I asked the group about getting stuck on lyrics, how they get out of it or get inspiration.  The answers were: free writing, poetry, and film observations.   It was a strange energy, though, looking back, I wonder if it was all in my mind.  I felt like some journalist interviewing for a book or a television program for PBS.  I felt like an outsider, and I didn’t feel like one of them, but I liked it that way.  I became objective and open instead of shy and introspective.

There were a ton of instruments around us.  We all picked something up and played it for the first of two group improvisations we did.  Included in the fray was a clarinet, several music boxes, guitar and slide whistle.

After this initial improvisation, we talked about the use of space.  South China is a wonderful example of the use of space within songwriting. Jerusha plays the cello and Jeremy the guitar.  In live shows, they use a collection of pedals and effects to create a spacious sound platform with which to sing over.  May I call your attention to the song Painting and Terryhead on their myspace.  The space I’m talking about can be heard clearly in this song.  Though there is other instrumentation, Jerusha’s vocals, as in the live version, are heavily spaced and open.  It’s all a very interesting sound landscape they create in general: particularly in a live setting.  The second group song we did was a bit more planned.  Jeremy and Jerusha began it, then Guy, then Anna, then Laina, then me.  I will put it up for you to hear tomorrow morning!

Might I encourage us to be brave today.  Be brave.

See you tomorrow morning!

Keene Left Us With and Without

(You can hear someone ask, “Should we have a plan” and I answer,  “No plan”.  Anna repeats, “No plan”.   We got a plan on the second go around… it went a bit smoother… I was going to edit it, but thought, “Now, why would I do that?”

(second one to be added soon!)

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