118. Table (The Underneath Series)


Okay, today, I am going into the studio with Franz Nicolay to record the song we wrote for the 365!  What an adventure.  (For reference: Day 23, Z for Zacharia).  I have to leave in a few hours, and not getting home until 3:30 this morning has been an ad…ven…ture!

The Underneath Series.  There are a lot of days in the 365.  Some days are “good” and some days are “bad”.   Some days are just days.  All days are learning for me.  This is a new series of songs written and recorded underneath things.  The next underneath?  The George Washington Bridge, maybe?

This is the Table Song.

Writing: Tenor Uke underneath my kitchen table.  Sketch and improvised and based on real events.  I don’t intend to improvise everything…my excuse?  I feel very pre-occupied and busy recently.  Busy sometimes means improvisation.

There are some weirdo experimental effects on it just to try it…(sped up tempo took out mids…)

See you soon!  Go out on tour again on Monday!  HOG FARM show this week in Biddeford, Maine!  So excited!


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