Friday, April 30

Where is the song for today?!  It is now tomorrow and no song?! What!?

Just got home from Philly with Pearl and the Beard. Drove 2 hours and now just home at 3:30 am, but didn’t post song for today… truly behind.  But where is the song?!

Sit down in a comfortable position. (No, really: this is the song.  At least try it once…)

Close your eyes.

Rest your arms.

Be quiet.

What are you hearing?

(It’s a John Cage moment today: the YOU song.  Wherever you are is what your song is…)



(Did work on a song about a wish-fulfilling Frog…will post soon!)

Okay, okay… now that you did that, here is the song for the day on my side of the fence:

Attributed to: Guy Capecelatro (main vocal), Mike Wolstat (harmony), EHP (harmony)

This is part of the RPM Project (writing and recording an entire album in one month).  This is one of Guy’s starts, then he sent it to Mike, then he sent it to me.  I added a simple cello bass line.


My hearing in the night
Is keen as an owl’s
But how can I be certain
That what I see is real
Maybe it’s the drugs
But think I see my mother in her robe
Walking through these woods
I suddenly grow nervous
I know that it’s not like me
It’s a little scary
Maybe it’s her ghost
Coming here to chide me from the grave
Sorry how I am
Sorry how I’m living
But it’s nice to see you mom
I hope all is forgiven